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大洲と同じく、木蝋で栄えた内子町。木蝋で得た資金で 内子座 や 昔の街並みを残しています。昔ながらの街並みは、半日歩いていても飽きないですね。

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内子町は江戸~明治にかけて、「木蝋産業」により繁栄の極みをみせました。実際、幕末に 大洲藩が いろは丸を購入することが出来たのも「木蝋産業」のおかげです。大正期には、木蝋が電気に取って変わったために木蝋産業は終焉を迎えましたが、当時得た莫大な富を元に建築された建物は、当時の姿のまま現代に残っています。内子の町並は、各家で統一された意匠をもつ建物の集合ではなく、オリジナルの意匠であるのが特徴です。そのため、家々の細部をゆっくり見て回るのが、意外と面白く、半日居ても飽きない理由です。また、その家には住民の方が住んでおり、「まちづくりを前提とした町並保存」が行われていることが、実に素晴らしいと思います。


Japan's job openings-to-applicants ratio came to 1.52 in July on seasonally adjusted terms, rising 0.01 of a point from June and improving for the fifth straight month, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said on Tuesday.
The reading was in line with a median estimate by 18 research institutions, compiled by QUICK.
There were 152 jobs available for every 100 applicants -- the most since February 1974. July's ratio exceeded that seen in the early 1990s, during Japan's economic bubble era.
The leading indicator for the labor market shows the number of job postings for every job seeker -- excluding new graduates -- at public employment offices.
For permanent jobs, the ratio of job openings to applicants was 1.01 to 1, unchanged from June, when it rose above parity for the first time since record keeping began in November 2004.
Meanwhile, the unemployment rate stood at 2.8% in July on a seasonally adjusted basis, unchanged from the previous month, according to data released by the Internal Affairs Ministry the same day.
The latest unemployment rate was also in line with a median estimate by 19 research institutions surveyed by QUICK.
The total number of workers came to 65.63 million, up 590,000 from a year earlier, with both regular and nonregular workers increasing.