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この旅行会社に 何か忖度して頂いたわけではないですが、新婚旅行の際に利用して純粋に良かったので 名古屋からハワイへ旅行する際 お勧めします。何が良かったのかは、この会社が保有している高層階のコンドミニアムが素晴らしいからです。  

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実際に山側に宿泊しましたが、黄色い照明が美しく 日本のLEDや白色光中心の夜景と違い 温かみを感じました。

後は、ハワイ島にも滞在しましたが、オプショナルアー「マウナケア山頂と星空観測」も最高でした。天体に詳しい日本人ガイドの説明で その舞台は 塵の少ないマウナケア山頂近くでの天体観測、標高4205Mの高さのために はしゃぎすぎて 高山病にかかる人が続出するので はしゃぎすぎに要注意です。




Another test
North Korea tests a nuclear bomb

But it may not have been the sort of powerful miniaturised warhead the rogue state claimed

THE skies to the east of the Korean peninsula have seen no fewer than 14 missile launches this year, but on September 3rd it was events underground that caused alarm. Several meteorological agencies reported a powerful earthquake in North Korea, centred on a known nuclear test site in North Hamgyong province. The initial tremors were so great that they were felt in Chinese and Russian cities bordering North Korea, as well as parts of South Korea.

Shortly afterwards North Korea’s state news agency claimed that the country had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb small enough to be fitted on an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). Ri Chun Hee, the news presenter, beamed as she announced the “perfect” explosion.

Authorities elsewhere were not so happy. Moon Jae-in, South Korea’s president, called an emergency meeting of his National Security Council. His government demanded the “complete” isolation of North Korea through further UN sanctions, and vowed to strengthen its military alliance with America even further. Shinzo Abe, the prime minister of Japan, called the nuclear test “absolutely unacceptable”, and immediately deployed planes to detect radiation in the atmosphere. Even China, the closest thing North Korea has to an ally, said it was “wrong” to have conducted the test.

But it is America’s reaction that will determine how events now unfold. It was only last month that President Donald Trump threatened North Korea with “fire and fury” if it pressed on with its campaign to develop nuclear weapons capable of striking America. Mr Trump has not only led the charge to tighten international sanctions on North Korea; he also imposed recently issued penalties on Chinese and Russian firms thought to be helping the North evade sanctions. Mr Trump labelled North Korea’s decision last month to shelve a plan to fire missiles towards American bases on the Pacific island of Guam as “very wise”. The nuclear test, which is North Korea’s sixth, but the first since Mr Trump became president, will be seen as a provocation on almost the same scale.







しかし、今の出来事がどのように展開されるかを決めるのはアメリカの反応です。ドナルド・トランプ大統領は、先月、米国を襲う可能性のある核兵器を開発しようとした場合、「火と怒り」で北朝鮮を脅かした。トランプ氏は、北朝鮮に対する国際的な制裁措置を強化するよう担当しただけでなく、北朝鮮が制裁を回避するのを助けると考えている中国やロシアの企業に対して、最近、罰則を発動した。トランプ氏は、先月北朝鮮のグアム太平洋岸の米軍基地へのミサイル発射計画を "非常に賢明な"ものとして棚上げするという北朝鮮の決定を表明した。北朝鮮の6番目の核実験であるが、トランプ氏が大統領に就任してからの最初の試みは、ほぼ同じ規模の挑発であると見なされるだろう。

Mr Trump was quick to react, tweeting that, “North Korea has conducted a major Nuclear Test. Their words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous to the United States”. Minutes later he wrote that South Korea, “is finding, as I have told them, that their talk of appeasement with North Korea will not work, they only understand one thing!”

The force of the explosion, at 100-150 kilotons, could have been ten times bigger than North Korea’s previous test. But experts argue that is still not quite powerful enough to have been a genuine hydrogen bomb. Instead, they suggest it might have been an implosion device boosted by tritium and deuterium gas (hydrogen isotopes). If that was the case, making the device small enough to be turned into a warhead that could be carried on an ICBM would be technically difficult. On the other hand, if it turns out to have been a two-stage device, in which an initial blast is used to amplify the main detonation, then it probably was a small thermonuclear bomb, which could be miniaturised into a compact warhead. There is as yet no way of knowing which it was. Although experts are sceptical about the latter, they have been caught out often enough by North Korea’s nuclear programme advancing faster than most expected.

As it happens, the week ahead will be full of diplomatic pow-wows at which the international response to the test will doubtless be debated. Mr Moon will be meeting Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, and Mr Abe, at an economic forum in Vladivostok. China’s president, Xi Jinping, is hosting a summit of big developing economies that will be overshadowed by the embarrassing conduct of North Korea, a supposed friend of China’s.

Mr Trump, meanwhile, had been considering cancelling America’s free-trade agreement with South Korea. His generals will be trying to talk him out of that, as an affront to a crucial ally at a delicate time. But just what they will advise him to do instead is anyone’s guess. If America had any good means to deter North Korea from pursuing its nuclear programme, it would have used them already.