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まず、一着目は 【TROTTER】トロッタースーツです。質感は、ウール100%なのでいいですね。ウール100%なのに 特殊加工なので 洗うことも出来ます。しかも先程紹介した三洋商会のサイトで半額で購入できます。これはおすすめです。明日紹介するトロッター000と比べると 生地がウールなので 着心地が良いです。「トロッター」シリーズの良いところは、出張する際に スーツがしわになりにくいのが 良いですね。こういう洗えるスーツは、なかなか良いデザインの服がないので 英国風の立体的なスタイルを構築できるスーツは重宝しますね。


One of the most outstanding transformations in recent labor market is increasing number of non-full-time workers or freelancers. In the background of this tendency lies a general change of work ethics and attitude to work ethics and attitude to work, besides economic conditions. Generally, younger generations prefer the pursuit of self-centered way to realize dreams and tend to insert a moratorium before starting full-scheduled working career.
At the same time, socioeconomic pressure ought to be put under consideration to analyze the problems of irregular employment Some factor must be working to enable or compel young people to choose free an flexible jobs which are quite different from the established courses of vocational life. So-called lifetime employment was once regarded as the most obvious characteristic in Japanese labor market. Every freshman after graduation found a workplace which he would devote his life to. In a word, the myth of “the longer in the same company we stay, the happier our life is” was infiltrated in Japanese society, which in recent years shows remarkable changes. Anyway, people came to think stability does not always promise everything, even if lifetime employment gives workers the sense of security.