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日本は、今後どうなっていくでしょうかね。人口ピラミッドが物語っています。このまま、手を拱いていて 既得権益を得た人たちが その既得権益にしがみついているのなら 日本という国は 滅んでいくのでしょうね。非常に残念ではありますが。。。

日本とインドネシアの人口動態ピラミッドを比較しましたが 明らかにインドネシアの方が 未来が明るく見えます。まだ、それなりに国力を保っている今 手を打たない限り 日本は、現在の経済を維持出来なくなるでしょう。



Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe struck a regretful tone in a special parliamentary session devoted to a favoritism scandal, but that performance alone is unlikely to revive approval ratings sunken to dangerous lows.

Diet legislators grilled Abe on Monday and Tuesday over the Kake Educational Institution, whose approval for a new veterinary school was seemingly fast tracked with political support. The group is led by Kotaro Kake, a close friend of Abe.

The prime minister sounded contrite in recess meetings held by the budget committees of both chambers. The Kake scandal "involves my friend, so it's only natural that citizens look upon me with doubt," Abe said.

Abe repeatedly acknowledged that his explanations given to this point were unsatisfactory, and he offered to correct the record.

Abe used to enjoy sky-high approval ratings and a strong mandate within his Liberal Democratic Party. Now polls show support for his cabinet falling to the 30% range or less. "It's pretty tough to move forward at around 30%," the prime minister told his inner circle, emphasizing the urgency to regain his support.