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国家公務員総合職・外務省専門職受験へのハードルを 少しでも下げたり、英語 や 多言語化に取り組みたい人へ大きな助けになるブログを目指します。

【外務専門職】京大 英文和訳・和文英訳(6)

2400万円の住宅ローンのうち、約250万円ほどが返済出来ました。う~ん、まだまだ 道が長い。ダイニングテーブルに置きっ放しにしたので 妻に内容を見られています。心なしか 今日はいつもよりやさしかったです。生かさず 殺さず ゲス不倫させず(そんな器用じゃないし、しないけどね。)なんでしょうね。


Unfortunately the very vagueness of abstract words is one of the reasons for their popularity. To express one’s thoughts accurately is hard work, and to be precise is sometimes dangerous. We are tempted to prefer the safer obscurity of the abstract. It is the greatest vice of present-day writing. To resist this temptation, and to resolve to make your meaning plain to your reader even at the cost of some trouble to yourself is more important than any other single thing, if you would convert a flabby style into a crisp one.



Looking at something nearby for a long time exhausts your eyes. This is because looking at things six meters or less away strains the eye muscles. When you have to keep your eyes focused on things close to you, such as not only when using computer, but also when reading , or making things, you should look up occasionally at something in the distance in order to rest your eyes.