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【外務専門職】京大 英文和訳・和文英訳(5)


(1)Even so, first-hand reports are valuable and important. Without diaries and reports, memoirs, newspapers and other contemporary records, historians would have a very hard if not impossible time.

(2)Is there some preordained pattern that the animals (=Artic foxes) follow or are the journeys random? If not the latter, how do they navigate in an icescape that offers no permanent landmarks that drifts and spins at the mercy of the currents, melts and freezes according to the weather, and seemingly has not much to offer in the way of a scent trail to follow for satisfying their appetites?

(3)Second, while biases and preferences often hinder understanding these mental peculiarities may also serve as powerful, if unpredictable and personal, guides to solutions.

When I was a child, there was a TV program I watched every week. The main character of the show was a just dog such as you might find in any neighborhood. He would appear in some town from nowhere, and help (to) solve some kind of problem. Then, before people could praise him, he would be gone and be on his way to some other place. What attracted me was the way he would never settle down in one place but would just keep on moving.

(5) 我が家の古いピアノには懐かしい思い出がたくさん詰まっている。5歳からピアノを始めた娘たちもすっかり大人になり、今やだれも弾かなくなった。しかし、なかなか処分する気にはなれない。そういうピアノを買い取って再生させる会社があるらしい。プロの手で修理すれば、また美しい音を奏でることができるという。
The old piano in our house is full of good memories. My daughters, who began to learn to play the piano when they were five, are already grown-ups, and therefore nobody plays it at all now. I don’t, however, feel like getting rid of it. I hear there are companies that buy these pianos and restore them. They say that piano repaired by skilled professionals can make beautiful sounds again.