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【外務専門職】京大 英文和訳・和文英訳(4)

来週、幼稚園見学に行きます。早めに社会勉強させてあげたいなと言うところです。2歳から、プレ入園で月水金と言う形で通園出来るみたいです。年齢の関係で 兄弟を作ってあげられないので お友達が出来ればと思います。

(1)I remember being swept up in John Tunis’ story. At the same time that I wanted to know how things worked out, I didn’t really want the book to end and so to be ejected from this wonderful world that it had created.

(2)I had always assumed that the innocent stay calm under interrogation. They don’t, or at least I didn’t, I could feel myself blushing, and flushing, as much with anger at the insult as with fear that I should miss my flight.

(3)According to the rules of reason, a given conclusion is to be deemed true if, and only if, it flows from a logical sequence of thoughts founded on sound initial premises.

(4)Knowing some of the facts and issues surrounding the latest research developments allows one to be part, and feel part, of the decision-making process.

(5)Many people’s everyday lives are enhanced by, and unimaginable without, computers, televisions, and other electronic appliances.

(6) 世界でただ一つの、猿といっしょにはいれる温泉だと聞いて、私は真冬にそこへ出かけた。頭に雪を積もらせながらじっと温泉につかっている一匹の猿は、まるで哲学者のように見えた。人間と猿の違いは、私たちが思っているほど大きくはないのでは…という気がふとした。
I had heard that it was the only hot spring in the world where you could take a bath with monkeys, so I went there in the middle of last winter. There was one monkey soaking motionless in the spa with some snow piled up on his head. He looked just like a philosopher. It struck me that monkeys are not as different from humans as you might think.

(7) 数学は、少し先に進んで、わからないとなったら、どうにも手がつけようがありません。公式もなんにも知らないで、自力だけでなんとか解決のつくたちの仕事ではないからです。しかし、その際でも、ごく初歩の初歩から、そっくりやり直す気で勉強するうちには、案外数学もやさしい、やさしいどころか面白いものだ、そう思うに違いありません。
In mathematics, after making a little progress, there isn’t much you can do if you come across something incomprehensible. This is because math is not a subject which you can study on your own without any knowledge of formulae. However, if you start again from the very beginning, you will find it easier than you expect, and even interesting.