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【国家総合職・外務専門職】 英文和訳(3)

暑いので 最近バテ気味です。睡眠をしっかり取って夏を乗り切りたいと思います。


Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday used his speech here to try to rein in pro-democracy Hong Kongers.

He was speaking on the 20th anniversary of the city's handover from British rule.

Xi's speech is also being interpreted as intended to prod the Hong Kong government to pass bills that would allow it to clamp down on independence movements and make a national curriculum mandatory for students.

Also on Saturday, Carrie Lam was sworn in as Hong Kong's new chief executive. Lam has vowed to mend social rifts -- a pledge she was immediately challenged on as pro-democracy demonstrations broke out the same day.

During his speech, Xi lambasted any attempt to endanger China's sovereignty, such as calls for independence -- a dream that has captured the minds of young Hong Kongers. Xi said any act that crosses this line is absolutely impermissible.

Xi also said the so-called "one country, two systems" model that was to grant a high degree of autonomy to the city is intended to maintain national unity with an emphasis on the one-country principle.