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【外務専門職】京大 英文和訳・和文英訳(3)

昨日の出張の疲れで あまり書けていませんが、以下の問いどうぞ。実際に問題を解いてから、下の答えを見ると「気づき」があると思います。


(1)Drama has become one of the principal means of communication of idea and, even more importantly, modes of human behavior in our civilization.

(2)While most people would agree that the rise of technology has brought many benefits to society, a few are beginning to wonder whether the passion for technological advances may have been carried too far. They are asking whether some equipment is becoming so complex that it is beginning to create more problems than it solves. Critics maintain that this is the case, for example, with some modern office equipment, which, they argue, has become too complicated.

We are often impressed and fascinated by the lives of great people. They show us their wonderful ways of living or thinking (that) neither our parents nor teachers could ever teach or demonstrate to us. If even a few of the impressions we got or the lessons we learned when we were children from the biographies of such great people stayed with us, the way we lead our lives as adults would probably be slightly different.

“Congratulations on your award! Could you tell us a little about what motivated you to become a movie director?”
“Well, it’s kind of hard to say. I was given a new camera at the age of seven. That’s when I started to discover how fascinating pictures are. Also I had an uncle who ran a movie theater, so I grew up immersed in movies.