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国家公務員総合職・外務省専門職受験へのハードルを 少しでも下げたり、英語 や 多言語化に取り組みたい人へ大きな助けになるブログを目指します。

【外務専門職】京大 英文和訳・和文英訳(2)



(1)In one sense the biggest problem you face in a convention is going from silence to speech at the beginning and from speech to silence at the end. Once actual talk is initiated it follows its own rules, but starting and stopping are not always easy, and, of the two, getting started appears to be the more difficult.


(2)Because books are a well-established form of communicating ideas you can, commune with every kind of mind from every time and country since human history was recorded. Today books are more readily accessible than they ever have been through libraries and inexpensive editions. In fact the best books are often the cheapest, and in these there is scarcely an aspect of experience that is not discussed. From books you can learn practically everything you care to know. The only limits are the range of your vision and strength of you will.


We are surrounded by so many cultural assets that we tend to take them for granted. However, each of them represents many years of effort by a lot of people to prepare them. We should keep in mind that neglecting them means that we don’t appreciate the efforts made by those people.