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国家公務員総合職・外務省専門職受験へのハードルを 少しでも下げたり、英語 や 多言語化に取り組みたい人へ大きな助けになるブログを目指します。

【外務専門職】京大 英文和訳・和文英訳(1)

正確に英文を読めるか、正確に英文を書けるか  トレーニングしてみてください。


(1)The sameness of a meaning occurs with the varying interpretations people might give the meaning, and with the differences in vagueness and distinctness the proportion might enjoy in various minds.



(2)It has been stimulated by living in an unpredictable and – by me at least – still largely unexplored society, but I had missed deeply the sense of belonging, of being among familiar, small-scale landscapes and buildings, of being with people whose outlook had been shaped by the same influences as mine had been, and of being wrapped in history and traditions that stretched in the mind’s eye back almost to the beginning of recorded time.




In Northern Europe, when summer comes around, people go to the south in great numbers. Even prime ministers manage to find the time to take quite a few days off, even many restaurants and hotels that could make a lot of money in summer from tourists close so that both owners and staff can take long vacations. For Europeans summer vacations seem to be more important than Japanese can comprehend.


It is a big mistake to think that you don’t need encyclopedias or dictionaries any longer just because you can easily find any information on the Internet (when you come across something they don’t understand). We are just beginning to realize what a wealth of knowledge and wisdom those books contain. We should also appreciate how deeply indebted we are to the compilers of such works for the compliers’ extraordinary effort.