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Following protracted recalls involving its defective air bags, Japanese auto supplier Takata on Monday filed for bankruptcy protection in Japan and the U.S., leaving behind a massive debt and an unresolved crisis.

"We concluded that we would not be able to continue a stable supply of our products" unless we seek court protection from creditors," Chairman and President Shigehisa Takada said in a press conference, citing mounting concern about his company's financial viability and ongoing employee exodus.

Takada bowed deeply before the press, holding the position for about six seconds. "We apologize for all the trouble we have caused to all those who supported us and to our creditors," he said.

Takata leaves behind liabilities in excess of 1 trillion yen ($8.98 billion), including recall costs shouldered by automakers.

It was a rare public appearance by the embattled chairman since the recall crisis came to light in 2008.

That year, Honda Motor, the biggest user of Takata air bags, started recalling its vehicles, because the air bags could explode with too much force and spew out shrapnel.